What is TWILT?

This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet. Sean & Stuart have guests on the show, either in studio or via Skype, to talk about recent issues in beyond simply 140 characters.

London and its surrounding area has a very large and diverse Twitter community ranging from social services to artists and technology professionals. One of TWILT’s main goals is to help people understand the issues so they can become better educated within the community where we all live.

When & Where TWILT Records

TWILT records from the UnLab podcasting studio located an the Research ParkUniversity of Western Ontario. TWILT typically records on Wednesday nights around 7pm EST and can be viewed live where viewers can participate in the online chat.

The podcast is available by Tuesday morning via Twilt.caCastRoller or iTunes

About the Hosts

Sean Quigley

Twitter  •  Website

Sean is the Executive Director with Emerging Leaders, has an extensive background as an advocate and has worked on city-wide initiatives with non-profit organizations for some time.

Stuart Clark

Twitter  •  Website

Stuart believes in community engagement on all levels and that an informed populace is a more intelligent populace.

He enjoys playing the devil advocate (in other words, winding up Sean) on the podcast and likes learning new things about the incredible folks we have in our community.