TWILT going forward

When we started the TWILT Podcast over a year ago, we had no idea where we were going to go with the format.  We just knew there were some amazing stories and amazing people in London and area and we wanted to get the word out.

In the time since we have had a great variety of informed debate not only from those that agree with our views but from people who don’t.

A well informed electorate has always been one of our goals and now we want to know what else we should do to make TWILT better.  Do you have a topic or guest suggestion?  Anything we can do to improve the show and / or change it up?

If so send us a email to and we will look at them all.

Ultimately it’s the communities show as well as ours so we would love to hear your input.



Stuart & Sean

About Stuart Clark

Stuart believes in community engagement on all levels and that an informed populace is a more intelligent populace. He enjoys playing the devil advocate (in other words, winding up Sean) on the podcast and likes learning new things about the incredible folks we have in our community.


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