Ep 49 – End of 2012 (and the world?)


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Electro-Motive Lockout.

We then moved on to the lockout of workers at Electro-Motive in London, the company presented the latest offer that would slash their wages by more then half.  All agreed that the company probably wants to move the plant to the US and wants to try and blame the union.
O% BUDGET – Still a thing!!
On Thursday, February 9th, London’s City Council put forward a number of substantial budget cuts, with the goal of reaching a zero percent tax increase for 2012. Today at the UnLab, a group of citizens met to share information and discuss the cuts. There were three cuts that the group focused on:

1. Reducing the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund by 1 million dollars. Here is anexcellent post summarizing the impact of the cut.

2. Diverting 1.3 million dollars from the city’s strategic reserve funds to the current budget.

3. Reducing  funding for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) budget by $500000

The complete list of cuts can be found here:

This year the cuts to the mod vulnerable include:
In summary, here is the impact to date on the “housing envelope”
 – loss of $1million for the Affordable Housing component – construction of new rental units and Rent Supplement
– Loss of $740K from municipal tax base for the “streets to homes” component of the Housing Envelope (CAReS)
– Loss of $750K from the envelope to build a transition program; money that could have been used for any aspect of the Housing Strategy including rent supplement.

Buffet Gate

This story was broken by altlondon.ca.  Several members of council which included Bud Polhill, Stephen Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Denise Brown, who were briefly joined by Mayor Joe Fontana. This occurred just before 2 committee meetings and the final meeting of council.  One of the concerns is if there was a municipal act violation relating to the number councillors there to constitute quorum.
Reservior Hill
Fleming Drive
We moved onto the current activitvy related to Fleming Drive. The city will be holding a public meeting on this issue.
Mayor Gets Charged
The real story behind the Joe Fontana spending scandal
Re-Think London
Citizen’s Core
Doors open and Culture Days
Reforest London Million Tree Challenge
London Lightening were the Champs
London Knights 21 game winning streak
Awesome London
London for the Win
Hire One
Uber cool
City Lights Book Store
Downtown London


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