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Chat log from the episode.

Our guest is Phil Mcleod and at

Philip McLeod is a communicator and community activist in London, Ontario, Canada. He is long-time Canadian journalist and editor, with lengthy stints at The London Free Press (editor-in-chief) and the Toronto Star. More recently he was the co-founder and editor of The Londoner, the community newspaper for London, until 2009 when he stepped down. He is also a film maker and occasional broadcaster.

Congrats to the JPL and NASA teams on the landing of Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

We discussed Phil’s work over the years at Major Canadian Dailies and where news reporting is now and what is the future.

Moving on to one of Phil’s recent blog posts about City Council’s integrity. We talked about the recent Harmony 6 report as well as the Mayors links to some questionable charities.

We also covered another one of Phil’s columns about water rates. A very good discussion.

Moving on we talked about the overcrowding at EMDC we were all in agreement that the provincial government has to do something. It also speaks to a review of who is in jails these days.

We then moved on to a issue having Twitter users talking was about the banning of a person who has very negative/hateful comments on Twitter. Sean had a good blog post on this.



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