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Chat room log for this episode.

Our guests are

Nic Soave who is a Research and Policy Intern at University Students’ Council at The University of Western Ontario . He also does a sports radio show on CHRW

Matt Ross is a Youth Advisory Council Facilitator

We started with the discussion on the noise bylaw for outdoor festivals and concerts. Just like at the public meeting there were some disagreements in studio.

Moving on we talked about the latest Rethink London event that occurred this weekend. Great turn but there is still some concerns by some on Twitter that some on council will ignore these suggestion and go forward with their own agendas.

There is an item coming to council this week in which the owners of the John Labitt Centre (JLC) are looking to rebrand it to “Budweiser Gardens” this has created quite a reaction on Twitter with many people saying they will continue to call it the JLC.

Council chooses to ignore city planners and the community in overturning a community plan that took years to develop in favor of a developer in Hyde Park.  This is not the first time this has happened and it’s proving to be very frustrating to those on Twitter.

On a similiar topic, a consultants report on growth projections for the city was presented at planning comittee. The Mayor and some on council did not accept the numbers well.

We also covered off the Fringe Festival and Nuit Blanc which finished up last weekend. Congrats to the organizers and volunteers for both events.




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