TWILT EP 31. Lincoln, Jay & Abe


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Guests this week.

Twilt schedule changing to every two weeks at least for the summer.  Blame both the hosts for having too many other things on the go.

Plugged Lincoln’s show on Rogers TV called #ldnont

We talked about the Grand’s production of Hair which just wrapped up. We talked about if there are any parallels between the 60’s and now.

Is there too many different groups seeking community engagement?

Congrats to the London Knights on winning the OHL championship.  Jay wrote a blog post about that event and one more sombre that happand 50 meters apart.  We also talked about how the media handled themselves with the trial.

Mayor’s Expenses via Phil McLeod.  Great accountability and control needed?  Is city staff moral going downhill because of stuff like this?

Adelaide Metcalfe Mayor bans recording of council meeting.
London Transit Woes. Ridership is up and so our service complaints.  More funding would be welcomed as LTC gets the lowest level among similar sized cities.

Dundas Street redevelopment and report from Mondays Civic Work’s Committee

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Stuart believes in community engagement on all levels and that an informed populace is a more intelligent populace. He enjoys playing the devil advocate (in other words, winding up Sean) on the podcast and likes learning new things about the incredible folks we have in our community.

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