TWILT Podcast Annoucement

Hello all, first of all we would like to thank all of our listener’s and guests for your support during the first 30 episodes of TWILT.  A special thanks to Kevin Van Lierop for redesigning the web site and Bill Deys for helping get our initial shows and hosting off the ground. Also thanks to Derek at Orpheum for sponsoring us with hosting space and letting us have fun with the in show advertising.

Both Sean and I are victims of our own enthusiasm with many other projects on the go. In particular you just have to look at Sean’s calendar to see how busy he is of late.  Because of this in the last 2 months we’ve have not kept TWILT  as a priority as much as we would like to.  To ensure we can keep a quality podcast (and to keep us a bit more sane) we have decided for the next little while to move to a bi-weekly schedule for TWILT.  The next show will be Monday May 14th at 7pm edt.

Thanks for your support.





About Stuart Clark

Stuart believes in community engagement on all levels and that an informed populace is a more intelligent populace. He enjoys playing the devil advocate (in other words, winding up Sean) on the podcast and likes learning new things about the incredible folks we have in our community.
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