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Our guest this week is Dr. Carlen Costa and her blog and FB Page for her TV show on Rogers. She also works for Regional HIV/AIDS Connection.

We started by finding out the  educational road Carlen took to be come a Sexologist and several other interesting things about her including that she is a erotic art appraiser. Some of her research includes how social media has affected both sexes of all ages.

We then moved on to talking about Phil’s McLeod’s Blog  about how Mayor Fontana should renounce his 10,000 new job promise. The Mayor responded and we discussed both blogs.

We then reviewed the provincial and federal budgets and some of our reactions to it.  One good thing is the additional money for research that will help several organizations here in the area.

We then asked our guest’s opinion on the recent Ontario supreme court ruling on prostitution. and then moved onto local matters.

There is a report coming to a committee of council recommending metered parking downtown not end at 6 but continue until midnight in some places.

Also on the city agenda is a report recommending minimun water rates to be used for capital investment.  The issue will go back to council as undecided.

We then moved onto the community meeting that is occurring tonight about the new nuisance bylaw that is being proposed due to the Fleming drive riots.

We then talked about several city committees looking for volunteers.

Ignite Culture London is Tuesday April 3rd and London Views is also the same evening, come out to both.






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