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Chatroom log from this week’s show.

We are pleased to have two returning guests, Christine Moss and Glenn Pearson

We first started off with talking about the Gearing Up For Growth conference. In which Chris will be speaking at. She also touched on The Social Enterprise Exchange.

We then moved on to several postings on Glen’s blog.  We first covered on why he won’t be running again. And then moved onto his most recent blog post on the NDP leadership campaign.  We discussed what this means for the country.

We also talked about how do we get more citizens involved. We and many viewers of this show are in a local ‘bubble’ . Glen pointed out that citizens have had things easy for so long that they can’t make the connect.  It won’t be until people realize that this will eafect them.

Moving on, we congratulated the London Lightning on winning the NBL championship.

We moved onto the current activitvy related to Fleming Drive. The city will be holding a public meeting on this issue.

Speaking of council we covered a report going to council that recommends a 3% pay increase for Council and the Mayor.

We touched on that there are reports of freezes for ODSP and Ontario Works coming out in the provincial budget later this week. We all agreed this is a bad idea by the Liberals.

We talked about one of Phil McLeod’s recent blog posts which some long term planning decisions were overturned on the fly by some on council.  Just because a councillor won a seat, in some cases by a small amount, it’s not a mandate.

We then covered several new groups that have started up to try and increase citizen engagement. Citizen Corps and Better London. Glen also mentioned about the library could server a role with this as a community gathering place.

Ontario’s top court struck down a ban on brothels on the grounds it exposes sex-trade workers to added danger. The province is considering appealing to the Surpreme court of Canada.

Mayor Fontana is hosting a virtual town hall on Tuesday.  Worth checking out if you have time.

We finished up by talking about a No Title – No Agenda mixer being put on by Emerging Leaders March 27th.







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