TWILT EP. 25 – Mr. Adams Eats The Town.



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Chatroom log from this week’s show.

Our guest this week is Joel Adams. Joel is the Executive Director of the University of Western Ontario Research Park in London and Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario, Canada.  The Research Park London Campus is home to the UnLab where the podcast studio where we record TWILT.

We talked to Joel about the Research Park, how he uses Twitter, and the importance of Social media in getting the Research Park’s message across.
Moving on to one of his other projects the London Lawn which has now deployed free Wifi in a large section of downtown London. This has been a very successful project and more growth is planned in future.
We then talked about this restaurant fixation, he has visited over 600 restaurants and there are very few he has not in London and area.
We then moved on to Jian Ghomeshi bring his CBC radio show Q to London last week.  A great show with many of London’s Twitter community who helped bring him to the city were in the audience.
We thanked Kevin Van Lierop for the amazing redesign work on our website.  An incredible job and he is a genius.
Moving on to council issues, there was a bit of a Twitter dust up about the possiability of banning Tweeting during council meetings.  In the end this won’t happen but we all agreed Twitter is another tool, and it’s how it’s used that can be the problem, not the tool itself.
The second issue is the “buffet-gate” as some are choosing to call it. This story was broken by  Several members of council which included Bud ­Polhill, Stephen Orser, Dale Henderson, Paul Van Meerbergen and Denise Brown, who were briefly joined by Mayor Joe Fontana. This occurred just before 2 committee meetings and the final meeting of council.  One of the concerns is if there was a municipal act violation relating to the number councillors there to constitute quorum.
Moving onto the latest viral video and hashtag #kony, it showed how something powerful can spread. Several people then asked some important questions about the organization behind this campaign.
Using homeless people as WiFi hotspots pitched at SXSW. A Metro London story today. Sean really objects to this idea. Some in the chat room wonders where to draw the line.
We then wound up with a reminder about Ignite V London, feature many smart people (including TWILT co-host Sean) Stuart noted a pool will be started to see if he will go long on his talk.
Joel finished things up by giving some restaurant recommendations.We and those in the chatroom talked about.
 @trichilos @kantinalondon @LosComales_Ldn @CuzinOrvilles @TheOnlyOnKing Thai Taste, KAWA Sushi, Tamarine, Rincon Latino. Kambi, @TahhhSushi, Family Circle, Barakat, Pita Pita, Billy’s, @WindermeresCafe

About Stuart Clark

Stuart believes in community engagement on all levels and that an informed populace is a more intelligent populace. He enjoys playing the devil advocate (in other words, winding up Sean) on the podcast and likes learning new things about the incredible folks we have in our community.

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