TWILT EP. S1 – Site Refresh and Feed Updates


This post and podcast episode were created by Kevin Van Lierop.

Over the past few days TWILT’s good friend Kevin Van Lierop (listen to episode 17 to hear Kevin) has been fiddling around Kevin first stated to help clean up some RSS feed issues and provide some stats tracking for individual show episodes but went a little further to give the site a new look.

New Site Design

If you’re reading this through your feed reader or podcatcher of choice we encourage you to head over to to check out the new site design and let us know what you think.

We hope that the new design will be more informative, more inviting and a little bit better for the eyes.

Update Your Feeds

If you subscribe to (the podcast or the main site feed) we encourage you to check and make sure that you’re subscribed to the best feed possible. Depending on your subscription method of choice please use the most appropriate method below for subscribing.

RSS Feed

The most relevant feed to subscribe to with your feed reader or podcatcher is:


If you want to subscribe to the show in iTunes you can find us at:


If you use the podcasting service, Castroller you can find TWILT at:

Technical Difficulties

Because of the work that has been undertaken over the past week (and some work that is still to be done) you might find that your feed reader or podcatcher might not yet have the newest episodes listed, may have episodes listed out of order or may not be up to date with the newest show information (such as logo or description). We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but hope (and believe) that any issues should resolve themselves naturally over the coming days.

About Kevin Van Lierop

Kevin isn't a host on TWILT. Trying not to screw things up, Kevin helps Stuart & Sean out from time to time with some technical stuff on to make sure things run smoothly.

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