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We started by mocking the whole Oscar’s and the hype around it. The only good news is that Christopher Plumber took home an award.

Our guest this week is Jeff Preston who is a Doctoral Student, Disability Advocate and Motivational Speaker. If that’s not enough he also is behind the comic Cripz  Which “takes a funny and inspirational look at two disabled high school students living in London, Ontario.”

We started talking about how long Jeff has been in London (almost 10 years!) and what he has been up to.  Jeff spoke to inclusion over accessibly rights. “Its more important that everyone is part of the community”  One notable point that Jeff does not just consider wheelchairs to be a disability, things like social anxiety disorder should be considered. We need to remove the stigma of disability.

We moved onto the final council budget meet that occured last week, and the frustration many in the community had over some of the decisions made by the Mayor and 7 other councillors in the name of 0%. Jeff gave us an excellent overview of the OADA act and how it’s ultamatly more costly for municpalites who fail to contribute to reserve funds for when the act moves to it’s compliance phase.

We talked about local website reporting a lunch time meeting that “six (6) members of London city council met last Tues. Feb. 21, shortly before 12 noon at the Harmony Grand Buffet at 304 Talbot Street (at York) in London, immediately prior to a meeting of the Investment and Economic Prosperity Committee at 1 pm at city hall, a meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee at 1:15 pm and a key meeting of City Council at 3 pm, where the controversial 2012 budget was finalized later that evening.”

It is being reported that 2 complaints have gone to the Ontario’s Ombudsman about this meeting and whether any part of the Municipal Act was broken.

Moving on we talked about a new TV show on Rogers local TV called #ldnont, hosted by Lincoln McCardle We are big fans of Lincoln and the show and hope to get our act in year and guest on the show.

We then moved on to our final topic, namely #bacon and the fact that many London twitter users love bacon.  Jeff has even created a drawing with the god of bacon lovers called a snacon  (we need to get stickers made.)

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