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Our guest this week is Glen Pearson returns again as our guest this week.  As well as a former member of parliament Glen is a volunteer executive director of the London Food Bank for the past 20 years.

We spent quite a bit of time talking about the City Council meeting where the budget will have it’s final approval. A survay was released by Councillor Hubert and the results have been posted. Many concerned citizens plan to be at city hall for this council meeting. The meeting starts at 3 but the budget portion will not start until 6pm at the earliest.

We also discussed a local project which Gavin Blair a developer with rtraction is working on. Called Keeping an Eye on City Council and it is described as follows;

We want to build an app that lets you keep track of how your councillor voted in each council meeting. Something like open parliament, but on the municipal level. Also, it should help you figure out who your councillor is, and how to contact them. It should also have some quality templates for messages to your councillor.

In just over a week the application is almost 50% towards it’s funding.  Transparent government is an great goal no matter what side of the political fence you are on.

We then touched briefly on City Symposium which was held the previous week. Several speakers and a classical quartet called It’s a String Thing rounded out the evening.

Finishing up we each provided some comment on the Drummond Report which was was released this week.


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