TWILT EP. 18 – Glen Pearson Returns


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Glen Pearson returns again as our guest this week.  Glen is a volunteer executive director of the London Food Bank for the past 20 years. As well he is a former member of parliament and a retired captain from the London Fire Department.
We talked about Sean’s new job with Emerging Leaders.
Glen has done a series of blog posts about the lockout of workers at Electromotive denial in London and how this is another sign of the eroding of workers right by corporations whose only concern is the bottom line.
We also pointed out that there seems to be a disconnect on how the city seems to spend quite a bit attracting very large companies but lots of red tape for small and medium businesses which is the main engine driving the economy. Glen made mention of a recent issue that affects some businesses in the Hyde Park Area.
We then moved on to the Mayor’s state of the city address and how it was overshadowed by the song that closed the event.
Several mash ups have already been made of the song. It would have been nice if the community was allow to engage in creating a song for the community.
We turned to an events that both Sean and Glen are involved with the Citizen Advisory Panel.
The first was a Citizen Advisory Panel had a income-disparity rally at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The second is an upcoming event on Jan. 29th  The Citizens Input – Social Assistance Review Committee. 

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