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Today’s guest is the renaissance man doing cool stuff Kevin Van Leirop. @KVL on Twitter and at

We first talked about what Kevin has been up to of late including his work for Emerging Leaders.

We then moved on to the latest news from the locked out workers at EMD.  We discussed about how the lockout affects not only the workers but other services and businesses in the city. Another fact; last year EMD workers raised $120,000 for the United Way.

We moved on to a new tutition rebate the provicinal librarals annouced. However according to the Canadian Federation of Students two-thirds of Ontario college and university students aren’t eligible. We all agreed that the government should be more transparent and out front about such announcements.

Community Living London layoffs for 7 staff, layoffs in an area that is already under-serviced.

Column from Joe Ruscitti Editor in chief at The London Free Press about why the Freeps chose not to cover the story about CTV London News Ancher being charged with assault.

Some friends of Twilt are up to some new things.

James Wilkinson has relaunched which bills itself as a local twitter hashtag directory.

Ian Gifford (@LeGiff)  is is playing at the Richmond Hotel every Thursday at 10pm. Sounds like a great show.

Here is the transcript of today’s chat in the livesteam.







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This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet.

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