TWILT EP. 10 – Occupy

This Week in London Tweets Episode 10

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This week we are excited to welcome to our studio Glen Pearson. On Twitter  and  Glen is a former professional firefighter who now serves as co-director of the London Food Bank. He also directs the NGO Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan and is a former member of parliament. Living in London, Ontario, Glen is a father of seven, including three children from Sudan

We are also thrilled to have to us the Rev. Marty Levesque. Marty is rector of St Andrew Memorial church and budding theologian pursuing an MA in Theology. He is interested in space and place for religion in society. On Twitter and

We start off with a big milestone for TWILT!! Episode 10!!!! We want to thank everyone for the support we have received including Orpheum, Bill Deys, The Unlab, and The Research Park and all of our guests and friends for the participation and suggestions.

We move on to talking about the approval by council on the additions in spending to the 2013 world figure skating championship.

We move on and have a lengthy discussion about Occupy London, the role of the church within these societal movements, the response to the Cities offer presented by Glen, myself, Dean Kevin Dixon, Jo-Anne Bishop, James Shelly , and Sue Wilson and our hopes for what can happen moving forward.

About This Week in London Tweets

This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet.

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