TWILT EP. 5 – Kevin Labonte


Welcome to Episode 5 of This Week in London Tweets – THE WORLDS LONGEST SHOW

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We were thrilled to be joined by our in studio guest Kevin Labonte of the Ontario Green Party. twitter:!/KevinLabonte

We start this episode by talking about  @J0-MaMa or the amazing Jo-Anne Bishop and her new blog the Polyanna Papers

We have a discussion on the Ontario Leadership Debate  –

We move on to talk about candidates who show up to local debates and our 2 cents on that and the fact the Toronto Sun does not endorse any of the political leaders –

We talk about how positive Kevin Labonte has been very classy on the campaign trail – Deb Matthews calls him a class act

We talk about Sean’s work on getting the Liberal Candidates, Deb MatthewsKhalil Ramal, and Chris Bentley to sign theParents for Childrens Mental HealthPledge  –     Kevin Labonte also signs the pledge as well.

We talk about the important work that the London Food Bank does and the effect the election has on the Harvest of Hope food drive. Also we talk about the brave move by Glen Pearson and Jane Roy by putting the food bank on trail. Donate to the London food =bank not just once but twice or three times – London Food Bank

We then move on to talk about the new envisioning of the downtown that the city shared this week. We spend some time on the CETF work as well

City unveils Downtown Vision


Options for City Hall

CETF Draft policy to council

We have Jason Clark come in with the London Short Film Showcase to announce the selection of films for the showcase and we talk about the history and the emergence of a very strong local film community.

We finish of the Responsible Citizens Drinking Responsibly  – a new initiative created by Shawn Adamsson or @late2gmae –RCDR: Responsible Citizens Drinking Responsibly

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About This Week in London Tweets

This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet.

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