TWILT EP 4. – Greg Fowler


We were thrilled to be joined by our in studio guest was Greg Fowler

We start this episode by talking about the lovely Laura Shelby and then we move quickly on to the provincial elections and that it’s going to be a close race.–massive-poll-finds-minority-looming

We get to know a little about Greg Fowler and the amazing contribution he’s made to the city of London.

We spend some time on the fact that bad news comes in threes: The controversy at Trails End Market, The Tazering of a Bela student, and of course the Banana incident at the JLC.

Trails end tells vender not to have trans-gender staff, sm outcry happens ––transgender-controversy-for-london-s-trails-end

Fan throws banana at hockey player during NHL game at JLC

Teen tasered by London police caught on you tube.-
Some good news this week with the announcement from Fanshawe College and the City about the new downtown arts campus.

Spend some time discussing our opinions on a LFP blogger and the way she describes a Freedom Party candidate

and finish with the editorial in the LFP about Steve Orser –

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